Church Denominational Work


“National Baptist Convention of America, Incorporated” (NBCA, Inc.) – 119 years old.  For 63
years, on the National level.  Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is currently financially active and
affiliated with the NBCA, Inc.

Its nature and function is to serve as an Agency of Christian Education, Missionary and Church
extension, and combine the efforts of Baptist Churches and Organizations in extending the gospel
both at home and to the foreign fields, and propagate Baptist doctrines of faith and distinctive
principles through the world.  It gives its influence in maintaining and safeguarding full religious
liberty and spiritual independence on both the home and foreign fields.

“New Era Progressive Missionary Baptist State Convention” - 102 years old.
Founded November 27, 1898.
Operates and follow guidelines under the auspices of the NBCA, Inc.
For 65 years, on the State level.  Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is currently financially active
and affiliated with the New Era Progressive Missionary Baptist State Convention.

“Village Spring Manly District Association”
For 65 years, on the District Association level.  Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is currently
financially active and affiliated with this District Association.

“Number Two Workers council Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress”
For 65 years, Hopewell Baptist Church is currently financially active and affiliated with this Local
Congress Association.


Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is located at 2315 – 26th  Avenue North, in the North
Birmingham community, in the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.

Hopewell was founded in 1929 at the height of the Great Depression and has served the North
Birmingham Community continuously ever since.  Its sanctuary and educational building have been
designated as Historical Landmarks by the Birmingham Historical Society.

Geographically, North Birmingham is one of the City’s oldest industrial areas.  Iron foundries and
metal processing industries, like Sloss-Sheffield iron and Steel Company, developed and operated
competitively in the area for several decades.  ACIPCO Foundry, Tri-Fab Foundry, as well as other
light industrial facilities still remain viable in the community.

The North Birmingham community is accessed primarily by I-65, which runs from North to South
through the community; by 26th Street and Finley Boulevard, which runs at a
Southwest/Northwest angle through the community.

Approximately 20,000 people live in North Birmingham’s five neighborhoods, which represents
7.3% of the City’s current  population.  The residential population, made up of all age groups, is
largely African American, (based upon most recent U.S. Census Bureau data).

The North Birmingham community has steadily evolved from being a heavy industrial area to a very
diverse regional economy with major strengths in advance services, finance, banking, health care,
medical services, research, technology and religious facilities for workers to go for spiritual advice.

  May 2021  
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